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Make way for the self-made man

Until maybe two months ago, I could only tell you so much about Edwyn Collins. He did “A Girl Like You,” and was in Orange Juice, who were on Postcard Records, which were something Scottish and exclusive and indie, oh, … Continue reading

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Beat that, reality!

While I spent Christmas at my in-laws, my—hatmandu’s—ancient purple iMac slept; so did my podcast subscriptions along with it. Given that there was already a lot of smashing programmes on Speechification that I was footshufflingly avoiding spending the time to … Continue reading

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Friday's Big Adventure, or: do you wish that the Wombles were real?

You should never meet your heroes. Unless they’re cheery Midland heroes with crazy hair, gleeful grins and a manner like they’re talking to a semi-regular acquaintance. The bouncers at the Cardiac, presumably sick of Carling and its pissy lagers, discouraged … Continue reading

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It's not racist if you just hate yourself

In typically offensive fashion, b3ta provided its newsletter subscribers with a racist song this week. It’s kind of funny if horrid and amateurish, which is a good strapline for the b3ta site generally. I drop “funny” into there in the … Continue reading

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John Peel was totally into Public Enemy before it took a nation of millions

Since I half-heartedly announced a minor meme four years ago, I’ve been broadly keeping my music tastes just that: broad. I’m a perfect example of the self-hating fifty-quid man, so turning each shopping expedition into a game of genre darts … Continue reading

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Insert caption here thx

Incidentally, I was at the Caption gallery opening night yesterday, and I was stunned by the sheer virtuosity on display. I suppose Caption has in some way become a scene (and I had no idea that some of my friends … Continue reading

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Truck XI: live blog

I did the same thing last year and it garnered me a whole new fan, so I thought I’d try again. As before, don’t trust Twitter times, and you can find my edits for clarity—and l’esprit d’escalier—in square brackets. Saturday … Continue reading

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