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I was young once, but the youth are young forever

This weekend we went to see friends in Sheffield. For a change, the (outrageously expensive) train journeys changing at Birmingham were almost entirely faultless: certainly nothing we could complain about. That is, only if you consider what the train companies … Continue reading

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The purpose of art is to stop time

Our trip to London this weekend turned into very much a trip into its arts history. The Muybridge exhibition notwithstanding—that had been our original motivation for going—we spent most of our time looking at references to and images of long-dead … Continue reading

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Insert caption here thx

Incidentally, I was at the Caption gallery opening night yesterday, and I was stunned by the sheer virtuosity on display. I suppose Caption has in some way become a scene (and I had no idea that some of my friends … Continue reading

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Weak from weekending

This weekend K. and I went to London, celebrating both our first wedding anniversary and a friend’s birthday. I hesitate to mention the particular dreaded decade involved, as he himself has described it as a celebration of the end of … Continue reading

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Tear her for her bad faculties

This woman is an idiot. She starts off by revealing an ignorance of (or at any rate a lack of appreciation of) hundreds of years of satirical and journalistic tradition in the UK stretching back to Hogarth and beyond. She … Continue reading

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Photograph something else instead

Referring back to ancient history, here’s a suggestion that galleries might want to consider in order to make that great leap into the mid-twentieth century (let’s not, after all, be ambitious). Are you ready? Ask people to take photos. Ask … Continue reading

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Photograph no evil

The miserable behaviour of Theodore Feder reminded me of one of my experiences this weekend. Aside from him possibly having no legal justification for banning Google from creating works of art in a kind of sort of style a bit … Continue reading

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