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The purpose of art is to stop time

Our trip to London this weekend turned into very much a trip into its arts history. The Muybridge exhibition notwithstanding—that had been our original motivation for going—we spent most of our time looking at references to and images of long-dead … Continue reading

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Awaiting delivery of blue plaque in next few weeks

Oxfringe is huge this year, so huge that I can’t quite believe I had anything to do with it ages ago (and am quite glad I’m not having anything to do with it any more, having more than enough on … Continue reading

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Translated by Jean Arp

I don’t understand Henrik Ibsen at all. I mean the translations (Oxford World’s Classics, by James McFarlane and Jens Arup), so it’s not as though I’m struggling with the language barrier. I feel there should be something there, but I … Continue reading

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