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(With apologies to the late Sir John Betjeman) Come, friendly bombs, and lance Great Wen! It isn’t fit for mortal Ken. Let poor and hungry leave, and then Swarm over, Death! Come, bombs and shatter in your blitz Apartments owned … Continue reading

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We remember in order to forget

Bonfire Night is the kind of gruesome success that most PR people or politicians – still just about separate careers – could only dream of. The idea was planted by the fires, the guys, and of course that doggerel. Alan … Continue reading

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More ridiculous doggerel

1. When your biscuit isn’t Nice Or your bourbon is disturbin’ Or your custard “cream” is more a custard “paste”; If your fig roll isn’t rollin’ Or your hobnob’s not hobnobbin’: Please don’t let your broken biscuits go to waste. … Continue reading

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Tonight, Matthew, I’m going to be… John Cooper Clarke

I went to a fancy-dress do for new year’s eve. The theme was “80s rock”, which made me wonder if I could get away with punk rock. In fact, I wondered if I could get away with being punk rock … Continue reading

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I am not, and have never been, Fun Bobby

I’m not a very sociable person. Although I’ve never been diagnosed with any kind of problem, I find I reach the end of my social tether quickly. After socializing for some time, especially with casual acquaintances, I can feel sections … Continue reading

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Cotswolds bad driver ode #2

A M Bailey Makes you turn pale-y Swerves into Bird-in-Hand Like a flatulent gale-y

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Cotswolds bad driver ode #1

Cyril Hicks’ Drivers are dicks: Van full of vegetables; Head full of bricks.

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Cotswolds bad driver ode #3

Ken White Overtakes like shite: Less of a driver, More of a blight.

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The purpose of art is to stop time

Our trip to London this weekend turned into very much a trip into its arts history. The Muybridge exhibition notwithstanding—that had been our original motivation for going—we spent most of our time looking at references to and images of long-dead … Continue reading

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This is just to advertise

From a passive-aggressive note: via rhodri, and with apologies to William Carlos Williams: We require someone on drums which explains this advert to which previous applicants may reapply except Graham Forgive us we can only handle so much loud cowbell.

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