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A touch of bucolic

There are phantom cows in a field near our offices. The horses chew the grass at one end of the enclosure, accompanied by a pony who spent a whole summer two years ago pretending to be their foal, in order … Continue reading

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A sound solution

Feeling a bit under the weather, I’ve hunkered down today. I’m psychologically incapable of relaxing, though, so I’ve spent the time tidying bits of the house. The difficulty with having an outsize house for our needs—especially one with an easy-to-forget … Continue reading

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Pocketful of letters

Anyone in west Oxfordshire who finds a black leatherish purselike object—now probably empty of money but hopefully still containing a few photos—do let me know. However, trying to keep my pecker up in the aftermath of my temporary financial destitution, … Continue reading

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