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Stop fighting the mountain

Most people who know me can’t quite believe I’m into skiing. Sometimes I can’t believe it either. It’s what insurers would consider a high-risk sport—when I’m usually a very low-risk person—and involves a large amount of consumption: it’s probably (depending … Continue reading

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Too small for my boots

Last week I went skiing with work. How lucky am I? Well, given I’m not the sort of person who would necessary like skiing—an extrovert’s sport, with potential for showing off and excessive consumption, both of which I grumpily frown … Continue reading

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PETA cheese starts to stink

Misogynist, misguided, cake-headed, fake-furred, philosophically challenged starey-eyed vegaloons PETA continue to objectify women with their advertising campaigns, also merely incidentally saying something or other about, oh, vegetarianism or whatever. Stop thinking and look at the norks, you peasants. PETA embody … Continue reading

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Going downhill fast

This year’s work junket will see us skiing next week, near the Franco-Italian border. It’s hard to reconcile the sport as a whole with climate-friendly objectives. Most ski resorts are carbon-intensive in themselves, before you factor in the effect of … Continue reading

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Everything’s coming home, England

No! You fools! It’s all your collective fault! We’d have won if you’d only put out more flags, you fucking liberals! I hope you realise you’re all practically quislings in the War on Tomar. I console myself with the fact … Continue reading

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