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One can become enthusiastic over anything

The cat hasn’t been well. When getting around at anything higher than a cautious paw-by-paw pace, she’s been holding her back left leg up and limping along. She’s been eating her food throughout, which suggests her tough little spirit hasn’t … Continue reading

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Kindling that most marvellous liquor

I’ve been boycotting Amazon for its tax avoidance for ages now. Rather, I ought to say, boycotting it on and off. This year, in order to best deploy my resources on having a decent pre-Christmas with my parents (especially following … Continue reading

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Life must be lived upright, but can only be understood cocktail

I’ve not always been a programmer, but since I could hold a keyboard I’ve been a computer nut. A nerd, if not always a geek. I collected games with obsessive avarice, although my choices were always the weird ones of … Continue reading

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Success is bounding from failure to failure with no loss of phone

It’s no exaggeration to say that getting a smartphone changed my life, for all sorts of reasons. And it’s also no exaggeration to say that losing a smartphone, once you start to rely on it, is like losing a well-thumbed … Continue reading

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Traitor to my demographic

My iPod has finally died, and I may have had a hand in killing it. Semiconductors shouldn’t get that hot. It was something of a kindness, though, as it’s been intermittently rubbish for nearly a year now (starting shortly after … Continue reading

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Bright Stowe

I’ve been asked a couple of times if I saw any nice fireworks displays over the weekend. Well, this weekend was a to-the-inlaws weekend, with Saturday night spent at Infinitarian‘s birthday embarrassment. So actual attendance at any organised let-off wasn’t … Continue reading

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Amiga 500+ with boxed software

For sale Amiga 500+. 30 full price games, almost all boxed; 16 commercial cover-disks; 200+ public-domain packages. £40 o.n.o. Buyer collects from Oxford, or pays postage. More details. (As with the Lego, if there’s a deserving home for these things, … Continue reading

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