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Lass singen, Gesell; lass rauschen

Whenever I want to write about Dan—apart from maybe the one obligatory and valedictory post—I worry that I’m leaving myself open to charges of solipsism, or at any rate a slight self-obsession and wallowing in it all. It’s all too … Continue reading

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Gonna blog when I'm awake; sleep when it's dead

When we returned from the parents-in-law after Christmas, it was to discover my posh work laptop bag bizarrely and selectively shredded, as if to provide bedding for: mice. Setting up in the attic the same mousetrap that was so surprisingly … Continue reading

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French on the inside

Our recent work trip went surprisingly well, in the sense that it may actually have fulfilled its ostensible purpose of building a team. I cite as evidence the exception proving the rule: when we became a little tetchy part way … Continue reading

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Wee shall overcome

Yesterday, while waiting for my bike to be repaired in one of the nearest decent cycle shops to Witney (i.e. Oxford), I had a few hours of free time in which to rattle round in the city centre. Luckily I’d … Continue reading

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I plan on sleeping in

On Wednesday night K. and I had a chat about what we wanted to do at the weekend. Most time off work is sidetracked by the concerted efforts of panicked housekeeping, tedious shopping, and the pursuit of some ideal of … Continue reading

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Woman sleeping, man typing

Sudden early-morning wakefulness drove me out of bed just now. I don’t know where it came from: sometimes these fits feel like a ripple has passed over me, that only I (and maybe others, he said in a brief flicker … Continue reading

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Opening my third eye

Now, I’m no gullible new-age numpty, but I can safely say that I had a prophetic dream last night. Most of the details of the dream escape me; it was all in black and white, which is rare for me, … Continue reading

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Cook’d and Band

Last night’s dream involved (once again, as Small Beds attests) Thom Yorke from Radiohead. There were also some nondescript vampires and a spiralling plot that doesn’t bear remembering. It seemed to be set in the room I occupied in college … Continue reading

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What were going on?

I had a nightmare last night. Someone had let a werewolf into the house where I was staying, a GWTW-style American mansion. It got me, and I woke up. Ugh. From the mumblings next to me, I gathered K. had … Continue reading

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Wake from your sleep

Following on from my success at running my electric guitar through my hi-fi system (it will all end in tears, I’m sure) I dreamt last night the closest I could to a scenario of me finally finding my rightful place … Continue reading

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