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It never drains; then it pours

We have two kitchens at work, for tediously historical reasons. Each of these houses a coffee machine. In the farther kitchen from my desk, indeed in a separate building, is a miniature Gaggia: solid, unfussy, single-function. If you don’t want … Continue reading

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Stop me before I pet again

Hatmandu posts a picture of summery ecstasy, that makes me wish I were a cat. It must be something in the air. This morning the office dog, who normally treats me with the sort of amiable disdain that animals reserve … Continue reading

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Organic Fruitbox for president

I just received an email in my work inbox saying “Organic Fruitbox”. I think it was the capital F that did for me: we’ve got a few summer temps starting here, after all, and I don’t keep up with the … Continue reading

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Hard ethics make bad criticism

Over on Blairwatch, a detractor of the smoking ban manages to lift himself up wheezily on his elbows for long enough to type a rather brief post including the following: The rest of the time [Chiswick Railway Station]’s as open … Continue reading

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Find the Lady Grey

Wherever I’ve worked I’ve done my best to inculcate a workplace-wide habit of making tea for others. It’s the most basic way in which you can bond with your workmates, a sort of gift economy. Also, people who don’t drink … Continue reading

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The plan with no man

I was more than happy to do today’s workshop on my own computer rather than a spare laptop from the other office. Really. Although my computer had a number of configuration quirks that a “clean” machine wouldn’t, it was also … Continue reading

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Making good use

“Morning!” “You’re a trained first-aider, aren’t you?” “… I hate conversations that start like that.”

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If you’ve got to go, you’d better go now

Found during my big document clear-out, repeated with fonts etc. as close as possible to the original: TOILETING TIPS GET XXXX TO SIT REGULARLY 20 MINUTES AFTER MEALS REWARD XXXX WITH AN IMMEDIATE PRIZE WHEN HE HAS SAT E.G. WHEN … Continue reading

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Overheard II

“… she was induced with a high blood sugar and fear of ‘big baby.’ She had a long labia, uh, labour…”

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Overheard I

“If someone gave me [colonic irrigation] as a birthday present, I’d be gutted.”

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