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The exploration of damaged prose

I’ve written before in passing about how hack writing pales into insignificance alongside great talent. Consider this paragraph from what purports to be a crime thriller: Carol frowned. This wasn’t the Tony Hill she’d known all these years. Yes, he’d … Continue reading

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Off: the Register

I used to love The Register. It stood up for digital rights, stuck the knife into governmental IT projects, shone the light on ID cards and gave due attention to the largely pointless and wasteful intrusions of technology in the … Continue reading

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If Americans spoke French we'd understand them better

K. and I were just listening to A Good Day for Airplay, a podcast from Montreal. For some time, assuming the presenter was from somewhere on the US east coast, I decided his accent was probably that of a native-born … Continue reading

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Scouting for Lyrics

Thanks to my contacts in the music industry, I’ve found myself in possession of a leaked document containing draft lyrics for the next song by Scouting for Girls. This is intended to be the hit follow-up to She’s so Lovely … Continue reading

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The gaffe that keeps on gifting

While The Register is enjoyably irreverent in its dogged pursuit of stories (and delivers a generally high standard of journalism in that sense), its contributors seem on occasion to be incapable of writing English. They pepper their prose with completely … Continue reading

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No wonder I can't talk properly until after I get out of bed

This morning Sarah Kennedy told us how she’d had to miss David Suchet and a wonderful cast perform in, perform in, perform in the Haymarket Theatre, because she had a case of the gripes. I don’t see why that was … Continue reading

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Accompanying cartoon more impressive and exacting than issue

As a cautionary tale, rgl links to the Onion‘s “Day Job Officially Becomes Job“. I’d forgotten how much I liked this article. “Liked” doesn’t sufficiently cover the mixture of enjoyment, cringeing and self-recognition it provokes in me, of course, but … Continue reading

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