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What has been done will be done again

I was actually going to put a completely different title on the previous post, by the way. It ended up like the one before it out of both a desire for symmetry—for which read re-using out of laziness—and propriety. When … Continue reading

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Rank my lolcat!

hatmandu mentioned recently that I have strong Google-fu under certain circumstances; he’s also witnessed the ability of his own LiveJournal to draw in the search rankings. I think all we’re seeing is that Google’s algorithms still work well with trusted, … Continue reading

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CarZoLingAcaDiac has a ring to it, doesn't it?

Attention, Oxford musical types! If you’re not calling the new Carling Academy The CarDiac by the end of the month, you’re nobody. (Obligatory ptui: Carling, o tempura, o vegetables, où sont les boîtes d’antan etc?)

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eBay the letter

Taking the temperature of the waters of our networked youth, I find that people are very much cooling on Facebook. But tomorrow’s hot prospect, if the conversations which K. eavesdrops on when on the bus to Oxford provide any kind … Continue reading

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Are these the right foras… for this sort of thing?

An illiterate buffoon with pretensions on the blogosphere writes: Forgive this trivial rant, but I really hate the use of the word “forums” as the plural of forum. I mean, come on folks, “fora” is a great word! Yet you … Continue reading

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You're my best friend

Trust networks never really work. These are semi-formal systems on the web where people nominate other people that they consider to have a particular relationship with: say, they trust them to look after their puppy. Then these new puppy-trustees each … Continue reading

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Reidin, reekin and clatty bamstick

Following on from the Safety Elephant, I give you: Reid-the-baw. Those who are neither Trainspotting fans nor members of the quaint Celtic fringe (pace CRB) might need a bit of a primer on Glaswegian slang: suffice it to say it … Continue reading

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