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Léigh moran agus scríobh tuilleadh

When Looby mentioned that it was Flann O’Brien’s birthday today, I wished the late gentleman a happy birthday on Twitter (a superstitious folly committed to the air, like saluting a magpie) and decided: that was that. But it’s since been … Continue reading

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Twas the green flashing status light before Christmas

It turns out to be trivially easy to “hack into” the Skyfi at one’s parents-in-law’s house (the password is printed on the underside of the router), but I do have to return to the merry throng presently and be sociable … Continue reading

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Exercises in Song 2008: it gets serious when you do banner adverts

Exercises in Song 2008 starts on Monday 1 December: that’s in two days’ time!. If you’re interested in literary experiments, silly drinking songs and the Oulipo school of verbal experimentation—and who isn’t, eh, hahaha?—then there’s more information on the Quiet … Continue reading

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Another Pocketful of Lies, free to your door this Christmas

For those of you not paying much attention (I don’t blame you), Quiet little Lies has had a new revamp, quieter but more fundamental than before. Expect new content, more often. There’s even a LiveJournal syndication for those who fancy … Continue reading

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Coping with someone who is super bright

To counteract to a tiny extent the recommendations I keep spotting for the most boring blog in the world—replete as that one is with contributions from intellectual heavyweights such as Mark Lumbering, and quotes from acclaimed novelist Kitchenette Elgin Marbles—I … Continue reading

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One Sonnet Per Child

With perfect timing, rgl gave me a Trophy of Perpetual Futility immediately before cartoon heroine Girl gave cartoon curmudgeon Cat a Surprise Party. I’m sure he’ll be glad to know that every time I sit and contemplate my new mantlepiece … Continue reading

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