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Hanlon’s razor just makes me stroppy

Let’s please all promise to stop quoting this, and all variations on it: Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence. (link) When people drag out Bonaparte’s (or Hanlon’s if you like) tedious old canard about malice … Continue reading

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Sie haben Stroh im Kopf

hatmandu takes a stand against sub-editors and becomes famous. Well, amoral careerist shithead Jack Straw vocally remembers his effort, but that’s a greater sort of fame than I’ve managed thus far. Well done, hatmandu, for not just sticking to your … Continue reading

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What has been done will be done again

I was actually going to put a completely different title on the previous post, by the way. It ended up like the one before it out of both a desire for symmetry—for which read re-using out of laziness—and propriety. When … Continue reading

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For all your libel threat needs

Craig Murray is once again being threatened with libel action by a millionaire, although this time the threat is a rather tangential and allusive one made by someone who considers himself a “good friend” of the potential plaintiff. What’s most … Continue reading

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A rose by any other stage direction

Waitrose, which you’d think would consider itself a cut above, follows Costa Coffee‘s lead by requiring all of its checkout staff to follow a script. I noticed that, for my age, I was being asked several times if I needed … Continue reading

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Yeth Kembrek? Na vynnaf!

After a recent Green Party debate (we’re not members; we just go for the vicarious glamour) we were all led past a table with party literature, including those “Nuclear power? No, thanks!” badges that have been around since the sixties. … Continue reading

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