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Meet the new price: same as the old price

Someone somewhere is clearly suggesting to commercial organizations, including but by no means limited to Waitrose, that what they need to boost sales is to advertise fake special offers. The idea is that you put an oversized price sticker on … Continue reading

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Scientists are mostly skeptics; denialists merely wrong

I admire skepticism. Being cool-headed about empirical situations helps you make informed conclusions, and hence decisions, even as you might labour under the pressure of those situations. Science constitutes formalized skepticism: strictly so in its theoretical, dehumanized sense; more approximately … Continue reading

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If Americans spoke French we'd understand them better

K. and I were just listening to A Good Day for Airplay, a podcast from Montreal. For some time, assuming the presenter was from somewhere on the US east coast, I decided his accent was probably that of a native-born … Continue reading

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Three proud hypocrisies

In Vanity Fair, Thackeray continues to refer to the most morally upstanding member of his bizarre collection of characters as a hypocrite: Conducted to the ladies, at the Ship Inn, Dobbin assumed a jovial and rattling manner, which proved that … Continue reading

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French on the inside

Our recent work trip went surprisingly well, in the sense that it may actually have fulfilled its ostensible purpose of building a team. I cite as evidence the exception proving the rule: when we became a little tetchy part way … Continue reading

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Mainbrace, sou’wester: that sort of thing

There’s a column in the Daily Mail that always reads like it ought to have been superseded long since by the internet. Dull, old people write “comical” missives on the meaning and etymology of words. It’s a preserved column, kept … Continue reading

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Mote point

Today, Paul Foot very helpfully explains the Biblical reference in his Guardian column’s title—“The beam in Bremer’s Eye”. He does this by giving us dictionary definitions of both the word “beam” and, presumably as background reading, the word “mote.” He … Continue reading

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