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Off: the Register

I used to love The Register. It stood up for digital rights, stuck the knife into governmental IT projects, shone the light on ID cards and gave due attention to the largely pointless and wasteful intrusions of technology in the … Continue reading

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No wonder I can't talk properly until after I get out of bed

This morning Sarah Kennedy told us how she’d had to miss David Suchet and a wonderful cast perform in, perform in, perform in the Haymarket Theatre, because she had a case of the gripes. I don’t see why that was … Continue reading

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Pocketful of letters

Anyone in west Oxfordshire who finds a black leatherish purselike object—now probably empty of money but hopefully still containing a few photos—do let me know. However, trying to keep my pecker up in the aftermath of my temporary financial destitution, … Continue reading

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You won't see this on Ready, Steady, Cook!

One for j4: special chutney available on George Street. This is what you came back to Oxford for, right?

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Acute laryngitis

The Guardian style guide requires that its authors use accents on “French, German, Spanish and Irish Gaelic words”. How nice of them. God knows what they do with Welsh, Czech or Finnish. And whether “cafe” is to be pronounced /keiφ/ … Continue reading

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Spelling mistake

Case in point: I received some spam today with the subtitle: A.’mer-`ica Me`~ds & Next,^day Del`iver V’ ia-`gr~ a, anyone?

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Šæ×тΊ└ℓΐø∩ 53><+1££|0|\|Z

The estimate of the number of legible misspellings of Viagra (currently in the sextillions) is woefully inadequate. Yes, I know it’s meant to be a hilarious internet meme (I worry that so much of SB&LB reads like I don’t get … Continue reading

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