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Off: the Register

I used to love The Register. It stood up for digital rights, stuck the knife into governmental IT projects, shone the light on ID cards and gave due attention to the largely pointless and wasteful intrusions of technology in the … Continue reading

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Sie haben Stroh im Kopf

hatmandu takes a stand against sub-editors and becomes famous. Well, amoral careerist shithead Jack Straw vocally remembers his effort, but that’s a greater sort of fame than I’ve managed thus far. Well done, hatmandu, for not just sticking to your … Continue reading

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The gaffe that keeps on gifting

While The Register is enjoyably irreverent in its dogged pursuit of stories (and delivers a generally high standard of journalism in that sense), its contributors seem on occasion to be incapable of writing English. They pepper their prose with completely … Continue reading

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Your eyes can scan as badly as your stanzas

Walker Reading Technologies say there’s something unreadable about large blocks of text. Not only have they got research to prove it, but by an uncanny coincidence they have a product to reformat text on your screen so it’s readable! Say … Continue reading

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Are these the right foras… for this sort of thing?

An illiterate buffoon with pretensions on the blogosphere writes: Forgive this trivial rant, but I really hate the use of the word “forums” as the plural of forum. I mean, come on folks, “fora” is a great word! Yet you … Continue reading

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You can’t start with a pause

Hell’s bells. Not only do we have the hyphen “-”, the en dash “–” and the em dash “—”, but for those instances of serious dash envy we have: The horizontal bar or quotation dash: “―” I have to confess, … Continue reading

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