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We remember in order to forget

Bonfire Night is the kind of gruesome success that most PR people or politicians – still just about separate careers – could only dream of. The idea was planted by the fires, the guys, and of course that doggerel. Alan … Continue reading

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This wasn’t the song about an easy lover that I thought it was going to be either

Easy lover! She’ll get a hold on you: believe it. She’s like no other; Perhaps she’ll die.

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This wasn’t the song about old people I thought it was going to be

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe; She had so many children she didn’t know what to do. Perhaps she’ll die.

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Léigh moran agus scríobh tuilleadh

When Looby mentioned that it was Flann O’Brien’s birthday today, I wished the late gentleman a happy birthday on Twitter (a superstitious folly committed to the air, like saluting a magpie) and decided: that was that. But it’s since been … Continue reading

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The truth about Woolworths

… is present in the myth of consumer empowerment: Capitalism is about power. That’s why so many elements of it are inexplicable. It is not, and has never been, about rewarding hard work. It’s about using a system that pretends … Continue reading

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Friday's Big Adventure, or: do you wish that the Wombles were real?

You should never meet your heroes. Unless they’re cheery Midland heroes with crazy hair, gleeful grins and a manner like they’re talking to a semi-regular acquaintance. The bouncers at the Cardiac, presumably sick of Carling and its pissy lagers, discouraged … Continue reading

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For all your libel threat needs

Craig Murray is once again being threatened with libel action by a millionaire, although this time the threat is a rather tangential and allusive one made by someone who considers himself a “good friend” of the potential plaintiff. What’s most … Continue reading

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Pisgwyn ferch Lies!

My word. Where did those two weeks go? I’m not actually dead, in case you were wondering: but there is now a nascent second Pocketful of Lies in the offing. And my in-laws have a nearly complete site for their … Continue reading

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Pocketful of letters

Anyone in west Oxfordshire who finds a black leatherish purselike object—now probably empty of money but hopefully still containing a few photos—do let me know. However, trying to keep my pecker up in the aftermath of my temporary financial destitution, … Continue reading

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