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Time flies like a bananaman

Bananaman has gone. Our elderly neighbour opposite is now an ex-neighbour, and we’re not entirely sure what’s happened. It all happened so gradually that it’s been hard to know exactly when to mention it: not just here, but to anyone. … Continue reading

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My carbon audit for 2010

Last year my personal carbon footprint was 2.3 tonnes. This year it’s 1.32 tonnes. What’s the secret of my success? In one way, you might say we cheated: we left our draughty rented house over a year ago and bought … Continue reading

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My carbon audit for 2009

Last year I discussed my carbon audit for 2008. I use The Carbon Account to keep as close a track of my personal carbon emissions as possible. This year I’ve been keeping a similar record, but the result is confused … Continue reading

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Realising that advent can start before December

I’m my mother’s son. Yesterday K. kindly let me put the decorations up. I spend every November awaiting the start of December, fidgeting in my seat like a little kid in need of a wee. Christmas lunch with my Granddad … Continue reading

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There's a hole in the room where my futon goes

Living between two houses has started to become quite hard work. Apart from having to keep mental inventories of each house—I’ve spent three house trips forgetting to have both tape measure and opportunity to work out what size of non-dimmer … Continue reading

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Switch off, delve in, flake out

The stress of buying a house takes all the wind and bluster out of one, which is why there’s been so little posted here recently. I’ve been almost too busy to be angry about things, not that you’d know if … Continue reading

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I'll doctor your fucking rugs

An open letter to the staff at Rug Doctor: Dear Rug Doctors, Having just returned, boiling with rage, from a failed attempt to hire one of your carpet cleaners from the local DIY centre, I’m writing to tell you that … Continue reading

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