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Festival in Temple Cowley next weekend

All right, all right: don’t get too excited. It’s not exactly Truck (or even last year’s anti-Truck, which was indeed out in Temple Cowley as the floods poured over Steventon). But the Elder Stubbs allotments are having their own festival … Continue reading

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Solstice without the sol

On Saturday morning at around 3 o’clock, addedentry, K. and I set off in what still seemed to be the middle of the night, in order to reach the Port Meadow tump in good time for the sunrise. As we … Continue reading

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Let's celebrate it, whenever it is

My diary claims that Friday is the summer solstice. Saturday would be more convenient. And the adventist calendar for 2008 is silent on the matter, and precession complicates matters anyway. We’d like to celebrate it, anyway, as it’s a day … Continue reading

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The future's bright: the future's Oxfringe

Oxfringe 2008, a week of literary-fringe nonsense and hilarity, starts this weekend. Sadly, I won’t be around for the first few events: I’m off playing the stag in Bruges until late Sunday, along with (among others) co-organizer hatmandu. I hope … Continue reading

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I see one of the most tedious (yet admittedly pretty) gastropubs in Oxford has burnt down (from i_ludicrous). That’s what you get for causing havoc with your ley lines. How sad to see this happen once again. Oh, when will … Continue reading

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Oxfrunged, 2007

Ultimately, Oxfringe turned out very well indeed. hatmandu and bluedevi have beaten me to the typewriter today, as a warm blanket of hangover and sleepiness has prevented me from reacting even to the minor emergencies I’ve had to deal with … Continue reading

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Burning down The House

On Saturday I followed the herd and went to Luminox, the performance-arts event that took over Oxford’s Broad Street for three days. It’s difficult to describe the premise—vast numbers of ceramic pots and metal sculptures, all belching fire, but not … Continue reading

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