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The long hair of youth: how unique and quintessential it is!

Last weekend, as an excuse to make the journey, I cycled in the sun to the nearby tip and back carrying K’s ancient laptop. It was the sort of morning, with radiant solar power offset by cooling winds, that makes … Continue reading

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Yesterday for about two hours, rain radars seemed to hint at a ten-mile-wide block of fat, sweaty, hot air sitting over Witney, by any absence of rain on the screen. This block thwarted the congregation of storms which had raged … Continue reading

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Forget Carbonbury tractors and go buy Truck instead

There are still a few tickets left for this year’s Truck Festival, whose headliners have been revealed to be The Lemonheads. It’s glad to see them getting their career back on track after the untimely death of lead singer Jill … Continue reading

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Postponement of music festivals imminentizes Eschaton

The Truck Festival has been postponed till the weekend of September 22, as much of the site is flooded to a depth of several feet. Poor juggzy is currently being rescued from a similarly several feet of water in which … Continue reading

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In my ears and in my eyes

I’ve not yet figured out why the Thrupp Lane road sign has a red graffito in between the two words. It’s almost a letter “X”, almost making it read “THRUPPYLANE”. Victoria Road in Abingdon town centre has a red cross … Continue reading

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Weather with you

I’m grateful to the three-minutes-to-seven forecaster this morning, who began his description of today’s weather by telling us to draw “a line between London and Bristol”. South of that line, he said, would be cloudy and cold with showers in … Continue reading

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No two the same

It doesn’t help that Radio 4’s weather forecasts don’t square with the BBC website’s own, or that it’s never really clear which sweeping tranche of UK Oxford belongs in (Midlands? South? South-East (we get the transmissions)? Greater London?)—perhaps it shouldn’t … Continue reading

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