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Woods not words

A few days ago now, I walked home from work. It doesn’t sound very exciting, until you remember that it’s is a cross-country journey of some seven miles. Although the ground was firm and the weather good (if cooler than … Continue reading

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The town centre cannot hold

Living in Oxford for ten years, and little Cotswolds villages for another couple of years, gives one an unrealistic expectation of the pace of civic change. While the loss of certain tenants of the public space – pubs, bookshops, ancient … Continue reading

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The long day’s journey into work

I know that the summer solstice, a week and a bit ago now, is old news; but I wanted to post this before it became entirely old hat: I decided to take advantage of the daylight, to walk my commute, … Continue reading

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Visit the Fylde Coast, circa 1990!

If you’re from the North West or even south-west Scotland, Blackpool will probably be a regular feature of your youth: unless your parents voted Tory and habitually took you somewhere posher; either of which are rare in the north but … Continue reading

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Fall, on my bicycle

This morning was as misty and mellowly fruity as you could imagine. The grey tendrils were retreating from Witney as I left and ploughed out northwards, and the intervening countryside was largely clear. Only when I made the far side … Continue reading

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Too small for my boots

Last week I went skiing with work. How lucky am I? Well, given I’m not the sort of person who would necessary like skiing—an extrovert’s sport, with potential for showing off and excessive consumption, both of which I grumpily frown … Continue reading

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Weather forecast for tonight: dark

Continuing to live in Oxford and its shire, first as a graduate, then as a publishing junior, now as a senior geek, has meant that many of the Proustian experiences that might call forth some halcyon day or other have … Continue reading

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