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‘Tis the season to be awkward

There are sociable and unsociable streaks running through my personality like veins through marble. On one level, though, I appreciate the necessity of socializing that comes with the festive period. I’ve lost track of too many friends in my life … Continue reading

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The beautiful boredom of borders

A couple of weeks ago I painted three panels of a fence round our back garden. It’s a laborious task, even using a three-inch brush: given the contents of the neighbours’ garden behind, I could never spray it on. Besides, … Continue reading

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Sure to wake somebody

Bananaman’s house opposite is indeed still uninhabited, and has been since we last saw him some eighteen months ago. Not only has K. been over on the pretext of leafleting, and looked into its empty, uncurtained rooms, but the garden … Continue reading

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In that rich earth

I don’t know if I’m even being ghoulish in mentioning it; so I will do so as quickly as I can, to complete the story: she’s gone.

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Gallae sunt ibi divisa in partes duae

There are chickens next door. We first heard them making oddly unclucky noises and, forewarned by the neighbours, went upstairs to have a look out of the bathroom window. There are two of them, with toffee-coloured feathers and red, stupid … Continue reading

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As you sow

At a greenish event this weekend, I bumped into one of the organizers of the local garden share scheme. You might remember how that ended for us, some sixteen months ago. I’ve no grudge against the organizer, though: far from … Continue reading

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Time flies like a bananaman

Bananaman has gone. Our elderly neighbour opposite is now an ex-neighbour, and we’re not entirely sure what’s happened. It all happened so gradually that it’s been hard to know exactly when to mention it: not just here, but to anyone. … Continue reading

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