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It's Larry Lessig on the Cluesaphone, paging the music industry

Having an opinion diametrically opposed to a noted professor has hardly impeded politicians in the past, but you’d like to think it was worth our glorious leaders noting that almost everyone except the big music companies and their free-bun infrastructures … Continue reading

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Your eyes can scan as badly as your stanzas

Walker Reading Technologies say there’s something unreadable about large blocks of text. Not only have they got research to prove it, but by an uncanny coincidence they have a product to reformat text on your screen so it’s readable! Say … Continue reading

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Converting From PDF To XML

This article is a decent summary of most of the commonest things people do when extracting text from a PDF. I’ve seen all of them, and had to write a glorified press release partly based around those very problems, contextualizing … Continue reading

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