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Copenhagen strategies

We’ve both just returned from Copenhagen: a conference trip for me, a birthday holiday for K. Denmark is an oddity: much as Finland looks Scandinavian when you squint, Denmark looks a little Germanic when you don’t. The capital city is … Continue reading

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The NME, or my NME, was my friend

In the late 1990s I used to read the NME as religiously as rgl would buy it and I would visit to steal his coffee. As he eventually had a subscription (to which he might no longer admit) then that … Continue reading

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Pro bono plug and readmission to my bookmarks: cute and occasionally sinister fontmeister Divide by Zero is up and running once more.

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A sea of faces just like they

I can’t deny that the design of SB&LB is garish. I like loud, clashy colours which give way to a readable core; sometimes that works and sometimes it’s distracting. Certainly while I can tell the difference between good design and … Continue reading

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All good data goes to heaven

Given Tufte’s stentorian pronouncements on “explanatory” diagrams and graphs, I wonder what he’d make of the magic data firewall that so seamlessly conveys the behaviour and use of XMLProbe? The program is written and sold by Griffin Brown, the logo … Continue reading

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He’s got your number

I love Edward Tufte. Author of The Visual Display of Quantitative Information and design genius, his essay PowerPoint Is Evil must strike a Dilbertesque chord in anyone who’s ever been in one of those meetings, while toeing the standard Tufte … Continue reading

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