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A later "Tom and Jerry" when the two of them could talk

Momus has discussed the late-70s/early-80s life and times of Alberto Camerini in a recent post. It was in the context of a recent BBC4 documentary Synth Britannia, and he helpfully links to the first ten minutes of the documentary for … Continue reading

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What have you nicked recently?

Last night, Stuart Maconie’s guest Caitlin Moran (oh, you know, wrote for Melody Maker when she was 16 or something, makes a big deal about once deciding on the wrong pronunciation for her name, ho ho ho) told a humorous … Continue reading

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Theft is a four-letter word, plus another letter

Can I copyright a joke? What rights do I have in this instance? Why does the caged bird sing? I hear that Chase-me-ladies tosser nicks all of his stuff off Ross Noble and Mark Thomas anyway, so I shouldn’t expect … Continue reading

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