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The surest way to make a monkey of a man

I just finished Musings of a Monkey, by Steven Baxter. It’s partly a compilation of his blogposts (from Enemies of Reason and other sources), partly a handful of extended essays on the state of journalism and the ramifications of the … Continue reading

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Actually, basically, you know, we're all a-gonna die

Post-Hutton whitewash, and facing a below-inflation licence fee increase, the BBC is very wary of being spotted criticising the government. So when its tolerance of Tony Blair’s blisteringly straight-faced hypocrisy reaches breaking point, then rather than decry him for the … Continue reading

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Intention behind sub-editor’s decision “unconscious”

A comment from Vigornian prompted this, which isn’t really aimed at him at all. But the last person I witnessed using the phrase “scare quotes” was a linguistics professor, with an ability to understand and manipulate language roughly on a … Continue reading

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Did you mean tinc hy?

The Guardian Weekend mentions Nigella Lawson’s handbag being full of “tinchy purselets”. Now, that’s a lovely phrase, but what the hell does “tinchy” mean? Surely the Guardian of all papers, so proud of the style guide that like New Labour … Continue reading

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