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Fade in gently

I’m a longstanding fan of John Peel. What do I mean by that? I love and appreciate what he did to promote and disseminate music; I enjoy at least some of the individual works he popularized; I feel a wistful … Continue reading

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Hanlon’s razor just makes me stroppy

Let’s please all promise to stop quoting this, and all variations on it: Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence. (link) When people drag out Bonaparte’s (or Hanlon’s if you like) tedious old canard about malice … Continue reading

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When they turn up, it's time to leave

Bad journalism should not be mistaken for bad research. For example, via Brennig comes an instance of the BBC casually and cavalierly cutting and pasting from the inaugural speech. This is pretty low, but hardly a surprise. It’s certainly no … Continue reading

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Commenting isn't democracy but it might be history

Reviews, even favourable ones, don’t always make you want to read, see, hear, visit or otherwise experience the work of art being reviewed. Sometimes that’s because the review makes it plain that it’s suitable for fans of a certain genre, … Continue reading

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I syndicate; you alert; he/she/it twits

Twitter is a simple, sufficient method of one-to-many and many-to-many communication. It’s free in the first instance (I haven’t read its terms and conditions for non-individual not-for-profit use), it provides syndication through close integration with SMS and RSS, it has … Continue reading

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The gaffe that keeps on gifting

While The Register is enjoyably irreverent in its dogged pursuit of stories (and delivers a generally high standard of journalism in that sense), its contributors seem on occasion to be incapable of writing English. They pepper their prose with completely … Continue reading

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Being bitten by your grammar is awfully hard on her gums

Dogs might return to their vomit, but it’s generally accepted that they’re more of a slave to their instincts than humans ought to be. We should know better. It’s even less advisable to return to someone else’s vomit—unless you’re a … Continue reading

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Infra dig and sub Charlie B

CRB alerted me to a comment that might have been made by Charlie Brooker on his own column this morning. I should stick it here in case, as CRB phrases it, “the Guardian’s comment police get to it,” although that … Continue reading

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