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Off: the Register

I used to love The Register. It stood up for digital rights, stuck the knife into governmental IT projects, shone the light on ID cards and gave due attention to the largely pointless and wasteful intrusions of technology in the … Continue reading

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We can never have too much of your yapping

Via Rachel North, I present the return of the most annoying people ever to grace drinks advertising, the Wassup crowd. Don’t click away: it’s worth watching as far as one of them trying to hang himself: I envisage a followup … Continue reading

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Facebook 419

Please I need your assistance very ungent Dear…Smallbeds , Between You and ******* ***” Uh-oh. They got through. What now, bitch?

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Mashups without mandatory mice

Microsoft demonstrably do not understand the web in 2008. Nor do they appreciate that most decent programmers want at least to have access to a command line and an intuitive, syntactically rich, verbal way of coding; they find bizarre, flashy … Continue reading

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This mic was not rocked

hatmandu is a bit more scathing of last night’s open-mic event than I would wish to be. Certainly the attendance was rather low, although only half of it consisted of people we directly knew, so there were some newcomers. And … Continue reading

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What should I read (out) next?

Anyone coming to the open mic tomorrow, feel free to express your love on Upcoming Not essential or binding. Anyone who wants to do a stint at the open mic tomorrow: come along! Anyone who wants me to do a … Continue reading

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Buck up, Tim, or: what a total webring

I posted some time ago about the chilling effect on free speech of rather too freely bandied-about writs. In doing so I made a Z-list contribution to a nascent webring in support of those on the receiving end of those … Continue reading

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