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Autumn means all change

The seasons turn. I’ve dressed and re-seeded the lawn. I need to finish my autumn veg plantings. The pelargoniums continue to fire off fireworks, likely defying all weathers with their boisterous explosions until the first frost. The Greek basil flowered … Continue reading

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Kindling that most marvellous liquor

I’ve been boycotting Amazon for its tax avoidance for ages now. Rather, I ought to say, boycotting it on and off. This year, in order to best deploy my resources on having a decent pre-Christmas with my parents (especially following … Continue reading

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Wanted: PDF printing in Oxford

Ah. I need to be able to print two small PDFs, fairly soonish. They’d need to be duplex, and one of them needs to be printed two pages to a side. Anyone any thoughts on where to do this in … Continue reading

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And make it lean

Steinberg mentions in the first section of his seminal text that the earliest definitive cast of italics was instigated by Griffo, as an analogue in moveable type of the cancelleresca corsiva, or cursive writing of the papal chancery. Both the … Continue reading

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