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Fade in gently

I’m a longstanding fan of John Peel. What do I mean by that? I love and appreciate what he did to promote and disseminate music; I enjoy at least some of the individual works he popularized; I feel a wistful … Continue reading

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Escaping from the tyranny of Mild

What odd weather we had the past couple of weeks. Nothing to worry about, though, so please continue driving and flying as if we weren’t already past peak oil. Enjoyment of my daily commute depends a great deal on the weather, … Continue reading

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Letting down the drawbridge on the Big British Castle

Adam & Joe have gently pushed a boundary of the BBC’s idiosyncratic content delivery mechanisms. By which I mean they’re giving you free stuff. In a recent blog post, Adam Buxton idly pointed visitors at files on a file-sharing site … Continue reading

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small dot beds and dot large at bears dot bbc at and dot com

The BBC has twin, conflicting pressures that give its web presence a certain flavour. On the one hand, because public service broadcasting does have a certain freedom, then it can adopt technologies quite early, if only on the small scale. … Continue reading

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In years to come, you're all allowed to say you met me

Tomorrow, at 12.30pm, I finally receive the fame and respect that I’ve known all along I deserve. That’s right: a five-minute slot on local radio. Nobody could claim I don’t deserve that. It’s to advertise the conference I’m organizing in … Continue reading

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New discoveries for 2009

Radio We’ve had possession of a digital radio for the festive season. Now, I’m happy to share in the Register’s skepticism about the future of DAB. Any cessation of transmissions on the FM band would be a disaster: not just … Continue reading

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The unwatchable in pursuit of the unemployable

After a brief spell in the presence of “that most immediate media” this Christmas, I now find myself once again enjoying, well, appreciating, well, experiencing television at one or two degrees of separation. I’ve therefore been able to miss all … Continue reading

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I'm not a racist, but I do play one on the wireless

Yesterday, Sir Henry Woburn managed a wonderful juxtaposition on his early-morning Tory Funtime Hour. Shortly before 8am, he made a risky-for-the-BBC if banal racist joke about the Japanese—yes, he used the word “rubbery” at around 21.5 minutes—and followed that after … Continue reading

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If Americans spoke French we'd understand them better

K. and I were just listening to A Good Day for Airplay, a podcast from Montreal. For some time, assuming the presenter was from somewhere on the US east coast, I decided his accent was probably that of a native-born … Continue reading

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What's a fan of Russell Brand to do?

I love my Dad. For some time I couldn’t cope with him, and it looked to all intents and purposes like I didn’t love him at all. But now I can deal with him, and we have a lot more … Continue reading

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