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What kind of hospitality, and what kind of happiness

Christmas has been spent in the bosom of my family-in-law. This year’s events made me want to spend the time with my parents: but as I had run out of holiday; as they had come over already in November; and … Continue reading

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A later "Tom and Jerry" when the two of them could talk

Momus has discussed the late-70s/early-80s life and times of Alberto Camerini in a recent post. It was in the context of a recent BBC4 documentary Synth Britannia, and he helpfully links to the first ten minutes of the documentary for … Continue reading

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Y mi mama tambien

Most of the days at our parents’ Breton cottage ended up with a lot of red wine and some DVDs. Given that the restaurants that didn’t close were a car journey away and only served meat with meat, it was … Continue reading

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small dot beds and dot large at bears dot bbc at and dot com

The BBC has twin, conflicting pressures that give its web presence a certain flavour. On the one hand, because public service broadcasting does have a certain freedom, then it can adopt technologies quite early, if only on the small scale. … Continue reading

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New discoveries for 2009

Radio We’ve had possession of a digital radio for the festive season. Now, I’m happy to share in the Register’s skepticism about the future of DAB. Any cessation of transmissions on the FM band would be a disaster: not just … Continue reading

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The unwatchable in pursuit of the unemployable

After a brief spell in the presence of “that most immediate media” this Christmas, I now find myself once again enjoying, well, appreciating, well, experiencing television at one or two degrees of separation. I’ve therefore been able to miss all … Continue reading

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What has been done will be done again

I was actually going to put a completely different title on the previous post, by the way. It ended up like the one before it out of both a desire for symmetry—for which read re-using out of laziness—and propriety. When … Continue reading

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