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Dear readers, I’d appreciate it if you could indulge me for the next few paragraphs. There’s a bit more for you at the end. Dear Small Beds & Large Bears, Thank you, my dear blog, for the past twelve years … Continue reading

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What’s my problem?

My problem is that my ability to write has a distinctly muscular flavour: not in the sense that such as Hemingway might write in a muscular fashion; but that I have to exercise it, or it wastes away. Do it … Continue reading

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New life this spring

My good friends addedentry and j4, regularly mentioned here as you might notice, are to be congratulated on the birth of their daughter yesterday morning, only a few minutes into Thursday. Little I. is a sweet, sleepy scrap of a … Continue reading

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What am I on about?

Around the beginning of each year, my thoughts regarding this blog usually turn to why I continue to maintain it; what my occasional readers might get out of it; what I get out of it, financially uncompensated as I am. … Continue reading

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I wasn't ignoring you: I just don't like any of you

We’ve returned from our holiday in Spain, visiting my mother for her 60th. Returned, caught up on sleep, been to another birthday party, recovered from our hangovers and bought enough food that we won’t expire before Abel & Cole provide … Continue reading

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It looks like up to me

I’ve been away from this blog for sufficiently long that one of my home computer’s browsers has forgotten it existed. That’s tantamount to shameful neglect on my part, and it’s only owing to rumours that Social Services have begun to … Continue reading

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Request For Comments

I’m almost ready to move SB&LB over to WordPress in order to make it more easily extensible, maintainable etc. Much as I’ve had tremendous fun with Blosxom, it’s too hacky and crufty for the poor server to cope with: operations … Continue reading

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