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Incommunicado or incapacitated

I have spent much of the first month and a bit of 2013 in the fug of very low-level, rather mediocre illness. My Christmas cold finally faded away, to be replaced by another one in late January. Meanwhile my sprained … Continue reading

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Short and sweetened

I think that these days, the longer the blogpost, the happier I amĀ happier pressing the “publish” button, to the extent that many shorter posts languish for months before being deleted, without you ever having read them. I wonder if this … Continue reading

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What’s my problem?

My problem is that my ability to write has a distinctly muscular flavour: not in the sense that such as Hemingway might write in a muscular fashion; but that I have to exercise it, or it wastes away. Do it … Continue reading

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Eight people liked this post

By the way, thank you for other types who seem to be liking or following my posts. Since moving from my own hosting to this shared environment, I still haven’t really got the hang of what that even means … Continue reading

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Life is a do-it-yourself project

The year has rolled around to the months during which I traditionally try to plan some sort of literary project for Christmas. I finally finished Exercises in Song a few months ago (I don’t blame anyone who didn’t notice) and … Continue reading

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Hello, Dear Friend!

When I moved my site to I lost all the sidebar links. For this and all my other sins, which I cannot now remember, I am heartily sorry. I’ve now reinstated the sidebar links that still seemed to be … Continue reading

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This blog has now moved to

Hello. If you’re reading this at anywhere other than, you’re reading it in the wrong place. All posts should redirect to their new URLs for now. Please let me know if anything has gone horribly wrong. If you’ve linked … Continue reading

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