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I woke up early to THIS?

It’s raining in Paris. Great umbrellasful of rain, refusing to soak through surfaces as though they were newly waxed, and pouring off the tarmac into the tramlines by the Cité Universitaire, thence down those metal channels as though they were … Continue reading

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Anhedonia sucks but it keeps me cheery

I’m off to a conference tomorrow for a day or two tomorrow. It’s possibly the greatest opportunity I’ve ever had to better myself in my career and in a community I respect, and a great responsibility for me to help … Continue reading

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In years to come, you're all allowed to say you met me

Tomorrow, at 12.30pm, I finally receive the fame and respect that I’ve known all along I deserve. That’s right: a five-minute slot on local radio. Nobody could claim I don’t deserve that. It’s to advertise the conference I’m organizing in … Continue reading

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Red noses all round

Comic Relief is upon us, making today, Red Nose Day, the least humorous day in the British calendar. I appreciate I’ve never been much of a joiner (actually, I am a joiner—well, a bit—but I’m easily bored and hence just … Continue reading

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Backwards in coming forwards

I learnt two new verbs today: “frontload” and “backload”. Yes, aren’t they? Googling for some usage to back up the definitions, I can’t say I was enlightened by every single link I found. I’m sure that one made sense in … Continue reading

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