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The heart is like a wheel

I don’t cycle enough these days. I realised this as, two days ago, I was cycling north out of Witney on one of the back roads and chanced upon two or three dozen wild deer, all clustering around a disused … Continue reading

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After a troublesome youth the gout will hold us

Last weekend I went to a college-organized reunion. I hesitate to use the decidedly Wodehousian name of “gaudy”, although that is indeed what the college called it. Call it. Suitably, it involved many of the trappings of Oxbridge life that … Continue reading

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If Kant explains it simply, you don’t understand it well enough

Without really meaning to, I’ve spent the last couple of years limbering up for reading big, long books (with the likes of Wodehouse and Christie in between for perspective, and light relief.) Having a Kindle – and eschewing Amazon in … Continue reading

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Problem exists between experiment and researcher

I’ve been a Popperian for years. That’s not to say I’m a fan of Robert Popper (although I am); rather that I susbscribe broadly to Karl Popper’s philosophy of science. The basic tenet of it is that science advances only … Continue reading

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Any club that would lose me as a member

I decided to cancel my membership of the Institute of Physics. I’m no longer working in the industry or academia generally, so the organisation wasn’t really offering me anything any more. The monthly journal was interesting enough but ended up … Continue reading

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College to get men, pre-empted

Yesterday both K. and I graduated. And, while we didn’t sit side by side, we were both putatively among the benches reserved for St Hilda’s. Those who have been following the news about Oxford’s only single-sex college (still, just about) … Continue reading

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Poor J—

From a departmental round-robin: Further to my recent e-mail, please see J— S—’s message below and please send large jobs through her.

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