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If I’m not a philosopher, what am I instead?

I’ve already worked out what I’m not. With that in mind, what should I do, and how can I think, and what values can I have, so as to make my life meaningful? I’ve always had the lucky knack of … Continue reading

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I am not a philosopher

At the start of 2013 I left Finnegans Wake by my bedside; miraculously (helped in no small part by its dreamy narrative) this had the desired effect: I had read it, in small late-evening chunks, by mid-April. With that success … Continue reading

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Always the Seamus old story

Longstanding Bedswatchers will remember my brief assignation with recruiter Ron from Ashton Carthorse. I’ve not heard from Ron since then, and often I wonder what might have happened to him, whether his mother still has that sciatica, and if Barnesy … Continue reading

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Carthorsing around

I’ve had another close encounter with a carthorse. Yes, my dear friend Ron from Ashton Carthorse rang me again, but I just couldn’t get to the mobile in time. You know how it is with old buddies: he was going … Continue reading

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Get a hat-hunter

Don’t laugh, but I was headhunted last week. There’s a company in London that, for the sake of protecting the innocent i.e. yours faithfully, we’ll call Ashton Carthorse. They don’t actually work with horses, so that should throw you off … Continue reading

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Putting write what once went wrong

Incidentally, if anyone does know of journalism or copywriting work going, I can heartily recommend K. All the best bits on Small Beds I thieve from her. Feel free to write to the ←usual address over there at the “contact … Continue reading

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Those that can’t, resource

In the time it’s taken me to apply for a job, have two interviews, be offered the job and accepted it, a couple of places have just decided they want me for interview. One publishing house decided I was simultaneously … Continue reading

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