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Fade in gently

I’m a longstanding fan of John Peel. What do I mean by that? I love and appreciate what he did to promote and disseminate music; I enjoy at least some of the individual works he popularized; I feel a wistful … Continue reading

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Off: the Register

I used to love The Register. It stood up for digital rights, stuck the knife into governmental IT projects, shone the light on ID cards and gave due attention to the largely pointless and wasteful intrusions of technology in the … Continue reading

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George Monbiot Facts

Nobody writes polemics quite like Monbiot’s tirade against Hazel Blears (via many, including looby): The only consistent political principle I can deduce from these positions is slavish obedience to your masters. Theyworkforyou sums up your political record thus: “Never rebels … Continue reading

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Three proud hypocrisies

In Vanity Fair, Thackeray continues to refer to the most morally upstanding member of his bizarre collection of characters as a hypocrite: Conducted to the ladies, at the Ship Inn, Dobbin assumed a jovial and rattling manner, which proved that … Continue reading

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The LRB is political because everything is political

I’ve tried to think of ways of explaining why the LRB is such a fantastic publication, and why everyone who counts themselves a reasonable, informed human being ought to subscribe to it (much as they should also pay at least … Continue reading

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The NME, or my NME, was my friend

In the late 1990s I used to read the NME as religiously as rgl would buy it and I would visit to steal his coffee. As he eventually had a subscription (to which he might no longer admit) then that … Continue reading

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Infra dig and sub Charlie B

CRB alerted me to a comment that might have been made by Charlie Brooker on his own column this morning. I should stick it here in case, as CRB phrases it, “the Guardian’s comment police get to it,” although that … Continue reading

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A hand, a fist, hoocha hoocha hoocha, Panama!

Borders has one of the best selections of obscure, niche-market magazines in Oxford. For all its multinational rapacity, and its attempts to package, brand, pre-chew and mulch down literature that a bookshop ought to treat with at least a little … Continue reading

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Pay no attention to the man behind the gold curtain

It’s always difficult to separate out what Schadenfreude and general disapproval is prompting us to believe will happen, from what the signs actually tell us is going to happen, especially when it comes to predicting the outcomes of the reckless … Continue reading

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Zoe means life in Greek

Zoe Williams is one of the most talented columnists working for the Guardian, but you’d never believe it from the comments her columns attract. She writes everything with her tongue lodged so far in her cheek that you can’t see … Continue reading

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