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Fade in gently

I’m a longstanding fan of John Peel. What do I mean by that? I love and appreciate what he did to promote and disseminate music; I enjoy at least some of the individual works he popularized; I feel a wistful … Continue reading

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From the local gossip column, 29 April 2012

Our regular west Oxfordshire correspondent, the esteemed Dr Small Beds, celebrated his thirty-fifth birthday yesterday. This grand old man of letters spent the day with friends at several locations in the city of Oxford, concluding with drinks at the residence … Continue reading

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Authorship, once gazed upon, can never be erased

One of my reasons for moving this blog to was that I wanted to largely dissociate it from myself: that is, my public self, my employer, my real-life friends. This wasn’t just to be able to make sarcastic remarks … Continue reading

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"The only thing I depend on is my Colt 45"

“It’s funny how the Independent has policies that the general public don’t know about, but press officers all do.” “Like?” “Like how they never report anything about Greenpeace, and they’ll only report something about the Royal Family if it’s a … Continue reading

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Constructive criticism

As house building companies shed employees left, right and centre, I regret not posting the sekrit insider information I had a few weeks ago. K. quite rightly warned me off, out of libel concerns: suggesting that a company is doing … Continue reading

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How to find the candidates that are right for YOU

Conversation, reported by K, paraphrased: A: “I don’t know what it is. I just can’t get a boyfriend.” B: “What about my mate? He’s quite good-looking. I can set you up if you like.” A: “… Oh. No. Thanks, but. … Continue reading

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If it's stationery, why is it moving around so much?

I seemed to be tempting fate with my laughingly morbid post yesterday, as I was nearly wiped out by Margaret L Johnson (stationer’s) on the bend by the Bird-in-Hand pub this morning. Their van—well, the person in charge of their … Continue reading

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