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From the local gossip column, 29 April 2012

Our regular west Oxfordshire correspondent, the esteemed Dr Small Beds, celebrated his thirty-fifth birthday yesterday. This grand old man of letters spent the day with friends at several locations in the city of Oxford, concluding with drinks at the residence … Continue reading

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Oral history is not always evenly edited

And in the council they resolved to go to Ireland, and to leave seven men as princes here, and Caradoc ap Bran as the chief of them and their seven knights. These men were left in Edeyrnion; for this reason the … Continue reading

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Always the Seamus old story

Longstanding Bedswatchers will remember my brief assignation with recruiter Ron from Ashton Carthorse. I’ve not heard from Ron since then, and often I wonder what might have happened to him, whether his mother still has that sciatica, and if Barnesy … Continue reading

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10 "hilarious" names for pet rabbits

Some of these are private jokes, of course. Sir Humphrey Bunne Trance Dog Louis Patrick Perttu Where are you now when we need you most, Rage Against The Machine? Thanet Snowen Contraction-and-Convergence Pestilence Mint Sauce

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The cheek of it!

As I posted this originally on a locked LiveJournal, here it is in all its glory:

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What people say, and where the echoes end up

“Anyone who thinks the LHC will destroy the world is a twat.” So said Brian Cox, or maybe he didn’t. Johnny Walker was all over the LHC on R2, of course, so Cox may have had a point, if he … Continue reading

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Scouting for Lyrics

Thanks to my contacts in the music industry, I’ve found myself in possession of a leaked document containing draft lyrics for the next song by Scouting for Girls. This is intended to be the hit follow-up to She’s so Lovely … Continue reading

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