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My carbon audit for 2010

Last year my personal carbon footprint was 2.3 tonnes. This year it’s 1.32 tonnes. What’s the secret of my success? In one way, you might say we cheated: we left our draughty rented house over a year ago and bought … Continue reading

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A Weak Ending

Hi, Sorry I haven’t been in touch. Let’s recapitulate on events so far. My wife K. took out home-contents insurance with UIA Insurance a couple of years ago, in the names “K. —” and “J. —”. When it came to … Continue reading

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Volte-face, post-haste

One of the tasks you have to attend to (desultorily) when you move house is changing one’s address with banks, utility companies and now the DVLA. Last night I had just finished addressing envelopes for both licence and car registration, … Continue reading

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Simplicity, simplistic and just plain simple

We’ve finally spent all of our wedding-gift Ikea vouchers, thank Christ. Not that we weren’t grateful for receiving them in the first place, of course: the final bill was reduced by an order of magnitude, which was a welcome surprise. … Continue reading

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Always the Seamus old story

Longstanding Bedswatchers will remember my brief assignation with recruiter Ron from Ashton Carthorse. I’ve not heard from Ron since then, and often I wonder what might have happened to him, whether his mother still has that sciatica, and if Barnesy … Continue reading

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The early bird gets it in the neck

Brennig wonders how anyone could ring anyone else at 2.30am about a car. All I can add in terms of data points is that my birthday began earlier than I had planned this morning, as someone who’s either a quondam … Continue reading

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Thus is the poor agent despised!

Quick quiz: which side of the road do you drive on in the UK? That’s right: the left-hand side! Unless, that is, you’re AP05 DWW, a van from what appeared to be an utterly ungoogleable Oxford company called “Agency”. According … Continue reading

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