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Beat that, reality!

While I spent Christmas at my in-laws, my—hatmandu’s—ancient purple iMac slept; so did my podcast subscriptions along with it. Given that there was already a lot of smashing programmes on Speechification that I was footshufflingly avoiding spending the time to … Continue reading

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Commenting isn't democracy but it might be history

Reviews, even favourable ones, don’t always make you want to read, see, hear, visit or otherwise experience the work of art being reviewed. Sometimes that’s because the review makes it plain that it’s suitable for fans of a certain genre, … Continue reading

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The LRB is political because everything is political

I’ve tried to think of ways of explaining why the LRB is such a fantastic publication, and why everyone who counts themselves a reasonable, informed human being ought to subscribe to it (much as they should also pay at least … Continue reading

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Truck XI: live blog

I did the same thing last year and it garnered me a whole new fan, so I thought I’d try again. As before, don’t trust Twitter times, and you can find my edits for clarity—and l’esprit d’escalier—in square brackets. Saturday … Continue reading

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Intellectual vacuum

Every community has variety, and scientists—a lazy demographic shorthand used to describe people so fantastically different that the variation is far more important than the average—are no different. Despite the overwhelming majority of highly qualified climatologists who hold the opposing … Continue reading

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The NME, or my NME, was my friend

In the late 1990s I used to read the NME as religiously as rgl would buy it and I would visit to steal his coffee. As he eventually had a subscription (to which he might no longer admit) then that … Continue reading

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Love the fashion parade

Misty’s Big Adventure, a band with not very much money at all, are able to pastiche industry favourites Franz Ferdinand in a credible and reasonably hi-fi way, through the magic of the web. With a brief interlude by Noddy Holder, … Continue reading

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