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A shout in the street

After having temporarily dislodged my kneecap, I spent a few moments unable to think of anything else but that ice-cold, roiling ache. I barely opened my eyes as I swore continuously and rather loudly, entirely out of keeping with the … Continue reading

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Pussing through the Great Wen

I’d agreed to meet a new client at their offices in London, and yesterday was the day. I left the house at 8am, and didn’t get back until after 9pm: seven hours’ working; six hours’ travelling, of which three was … Continue reading

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Yesterday for about two hours, rain radars seemed to hint at a ten-mile-wide block of fat, sweaty, hot air sitting over Witney, by any absence of rain on the screen. This block thwarted the congregation of storms which had raged … Continue reading

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On thy cold, grey stones

Cycling a rural commute at this time of year is a tricky business. From one day to the next, the temperatures swoop and soar like Cotswold hills. Back roads are ungritted; main roads have a thin strip where drivers have … Continue reading

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Behind the clouds is the sun still shining

To me, this has seemed a lovely summer so far. There’ve been occasional downpours, but also lots of clear, bright days, and several remarkably sunny ones. While this weekend itself has been lovely, lots of the past week has been … Continue reading

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Top Dog always gets the treats he wants

I went to a conference a few years ago where they let people pick a “dietary option” beforehand. Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that 50% of people responded, 20% of whom (or 10% of the attendees) said they were vegetarian. … Continue reading

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Gut me no guts

Awaiting a second blood test for coeliac disease – the first was, as I’d suggested to the doctor, too soon after stopping avoiding wheat – I am eating bread like a man possessed by the unquiet spirit of a thwarted … Continue reading

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If the harvest did not return more than was sown

Doctors’ receptionists are proverbially awful. Our local surgery’s reception is merely bad, but still enough to make me want to avoid it. So when I make you aware of the number of “undiagnosed” complaints I claim to suffer from, you … Continue reading

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In one ear and out of the same

Anyone who has never had to have their ears syringed won’t know what a life-changing experience it is. I say this up front because otherwise such people won’t understand why I would write a blogpost about the experience, let alone … Continue reading

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Tagging's too good for them

Teabags with tags are a pain in the arse. I mean, the idea seems sound—a heat-resistant paper handle to lift out a nearly boiling teabag—and probably did have a function before the invention of the spoon. These days, though, a … Continue reading

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