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Pussing through the Great Wen

I’d agreed to meet a new client at their offices in London, and yesterday was the day. I left the house at 8am, and didn’t get back until after 9pm: seven hours’ working; six hours’ travelling, of which three was … Continue reading

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On thy cold, grey stones

Cycling a rural commute at this time of year is a tricky business. From one day to the next, the temperatures swoop and soar like Cotswold hills. Back roads are ungritted; main roads have a thin strip where drivers have … Continue reading

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It never drains; then it pours

We have two kitchens at work, for tediously historical reasons. Each of these houses a coffee machine. In the farther kitchen from my desk, indeed in a separate building, is a miniature Gaggia: solid, unfussy, single-function. If you don’t want … Continue reading

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French on the inside

Our recent work trip went surprisingly well, in the sense that it may actually have fulfilled its ostensible purpose of building a team. I cite as evidence the exception proving the rule: when we became a little tetchy part way … Continue reading

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My mate Divyagovrsabhadhvaja drinks a lot of tea

One of the joys of being forgetful, or at any rate easily distracted, is that I frequently feel like I could really do with some tea, and look up to find I made myself some tea five minutes ago and … Continue reading

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I see one of the most tedious (yet admittedly pretty) gastropubs in Oxford has burnt down (from i_ludicrous). That’s what you get for causing havoc with your ley lines. How sad to see this happen once again. Oh, when will … Continue reading

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Never Jam today

After a wee drink or three in its confines last night with K, j4 and addedentry, I can heartily recommend the bizarre pub/restaurant/arts-collective crossover that is The Jam Factory. With décor from Modern Art Oxford or Ovada, beer from somewhere … Continue reading

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