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What greater gift than the love of a cat?

If we’ve been away – and long hours spent asleep with the bedroom door closed count as “away” – the cat frequently goes crazy. Return from an absence and stand at a threshold: she’ll rub up against you, back and … Continue reading

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Sure to wake somebody

Bananaman’s house opposite is indeed still uninhabited, and has been since we last saw him some eighteen months ago. Not only has K. been over on the pretext of leafleting, and looked into its empty, uncurtained rooms, but the garden … Continue reading

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Ex nihilo nitor fit

This cluster of headaches continues. Often I feel like they’re the result of the buildup of something, some pointless store, deep in my body’s metabolism. The excitation of some wonky, long disused component of the nervous system, freely discarded by … Continue reading

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Loud gets louder

I’m sure next door never used to be so loud. Not Hugo and Chavette, who have largely settled down since the early days; but Brian and Sharon. I’d forgotten that from the very early days they’ve been a source of … Continue reading

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Bananas? Everyone is round here

When we first moved from Oxford to Witney, some five years ago, we found the chattiness of neighbours almost stifling; having got used to that, we experienced it all over again when we moved to Eynsham village. It wasn’t that … Continue reading

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Volte-face, post-haste

One of the tasks you have to attend to (desultorily) when you move house is changing one’s address with banks, utility companies and now the DVLA. Last night I had just finished addressing envelopes for both licence and car registration, … Continue reading

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Third time's the watery-eyed head-throbbing charm

Last night’s sleep was interrupted by my third late-night migraine in a week. It was also my third migraine, of any sort, in some eighteen months, which is somewhat more worrying. It’s not clear what I’ve been doing differently recently: … Continue reading

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