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‘Tis the season to be awkward

There are sociable and unsociable streaks running through my personality like veins through marble. On one level, though, I appreciate the necessity of socializing that comes with the festive period. I’ve lost track of too many friends in my life … Continue reading

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Spinning my wheels

Advent is for me simultaneously the most fun time of the year—almost nobody else I know is as Christmassy as me—and a time of finger-drumming and waiting around. All the fragments of what you have to do, want to do … Continue reading

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Cut off the telephone

I was going to publish this article here, but he deserves more than mere pseudonymity. It should explain some of what I’ve been up to recently, anyway.

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Only connect: with fruit

Yesterday I was having serious difficulties establishing any kind of human contact with anyone. On my way into Oxford on the 100 bus, I failed to answer a call from hatmandu as I’d put my phone on vibrate (specifically to … Continue reading

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