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Autumn means all change

The seasons turn. I’ve dressed and re-seeded the lawn. I need to finish my autumn veg plantings. The pelargoniums continue to fire off fireworks, likely defying all weathers with their boisterous explosions until the first frost. The Greek basil flowered … Continue reading

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Season of longings

A couple of weekends ago one of my colleagues offered us all a day trip on the riverboat he lives on. K. and I joined a number of my co-workers in hopping on board – often literally, as it passed … Continue reading

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Neglect your political husbandry and parasites will creep in

Late last night I ran out of time and, fearful of the onset of a migraine, didn’t commit this to blog publication. Political bloggers far better than I— especially septicisle—have summarized events better than I might. Much as feminism is … Continue reading

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PETA cheese starts to stink

Misogynist, misguided, cake-headed, fake-furred, philosophically challenged starey-eyed vegaloons PETA continue to objectify women with their advertising campaigns, also merely incidentally saying something or other about, oh, vegetarianism or whatever. Stop thinking and look at the norks, you peasants. PETA embody … Continue reading

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I'm not a lawyer, but I play one in photo opportunities

My dad says he never uses indicators while in a car park, because legally you don’t have to. This comment was made a few weeks after he came back to his car, parked in a branch of Carrefour, to find … Continue reading

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British police beat peaceful protesters, again

The innocent man has only so much to fear from the police as they do from any other bunch of otherwise laughable, heavily armed, thick-skulled, stoked-up neds. There’s currently a peaceful demonstration and climate workshop camp being run near the … Continue reading

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The Respect agenda

For those who missed it, a bootnote to The Register’s ongoing coverage of the Phorm privacy saga (bizarrely, not covered by the traditional press): We tried to obtain an interview today with Andrew Knight via a direct email approach. A … Continue reading

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We must deploy troops immediately

vinaigrettegirl writes to Nadine Dorries, which optimistically presupposes that the latter can read the communcation. Since she went up against Ben Goldacre and, by proxy, Snopes, Dorries has generally been considered something of an idiot. Most recently, Unity has taken … Continue reading

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Lots of money, lots and lots of money

I heard on the radio this morning that, as the Tories believe that married couples provide the best environment for children to grow up in, they’ll be offering such families £20 as an incentive. That the Tories are effectively proposing … Continue reading

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New Yatt City

On Sunday I walked with K. up to New Yatt, a small village some two miles from Witney. We were hoping to tramp from there, across fields and the A4095, to Cogges Wood. But as we sat down in the … Continue reading

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