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Look: it’s the Goodyear Blimp! And it bears glad tidings!

For my own part, I finally have a diagnosis for my suspected cluster headaches. Basically: they’re cluster headaches. My nights had started getting desperate: I could continue to take Migraleve and be entirely headache-free, but who wants a codeine monkey … Continue reading

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Ex nihilo nitor fit

This cluster of headaches continues. Often I feel like they’re the result of the buildup of something, some pointless store, deep in my body’s metabolism. The excitation of some wonky, long disused component of the nervous system, freely discarded by … Continue reading

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Beat the clock

I went jogging this weekend, for the first time in well over a year. I’d largely stopped doing so for a number of reasons. Back at the old house I had to be ready to cycle up to 100 miles … Continue reading

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We call a man cold when he is only sad

My winter blues—or undiagnosed SAD, or call it what you will—broke on Friday, like a fever. I’d spent two weeks feeling like I was being stretched thinner and thinner, always running to stand still both at work and at home: … Continue reading

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Third time's the watery-eyed head-throbbing charm

Last night’s sleep was interrupted by my third late-night migraine in a week. It was also my third migraine, of any sort, in some eighteen months, which is somewhat more worrying. It’s not clear what I’ve been doing differently recently: … Continue reading

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