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I am not a philosopher

At the start of 2013 I left Finnegans Wake by my bedside; miraculously (helped in no small part by its dreamy narrative) this had the desired effect: I had read it, in small late-evening chunks, by mid-April. With that success … Continue reading

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An over-examined life

… Even when I was sat there, watching that bird, I was thinking to myself: who should I tell about this? It struck me as very much like something out of a book. I don’t know if that’s piteous or … Continue reading

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[Witty title goes hair]

It was only a couple of days ago that I learned about Bob Flowerdew’s hair. I’ll never listen to GQT the same way again. Not that, er, I ever did listen to it in the first place. Speaking of which, … Continue reading

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Who the hell are you?

While planning on the phone for his arrival in Oxford tomorrow, I just referred to Looby as, er, Looby. He isn’t called Looby. Well, you know: any more than I’m called “sbalb” or “smallbeds”. It confused him quite a bit, … Continue reading

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The freedom to be an idiot; for now, at any rate

You think you know people; you think you can trust your demographic; and then a bunch of them start saying witless, ill-conceived rubbish like this, in favour of ID cards. I’m stunned that rational people don’t see the harm in … Continue reading

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Haunts of coot and hern

I’m not a Bot, but in an idle moment a few days ago I nonetheless found myself taking rickbot’s quiz to determine which Tong I am. I don’t even know what that means, but I turned out to be spimcoot. … Continue reading

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My first name’s hyphenated: J— -P—. I hardly ever call myself by just the first half, though. The one place is in my handwritten signature, which is rarely seen and is such a scrawl that nobody would decipher it when a … Continue reading

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