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They take and they take and they take

I don’t know many entrepreneurs. If you count people who would routinely and unironically refer to themselves as such, I only really know one; he seems all right enough, as an acquaintance. But (a couple of years ago) that one … Continue reading

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I must create an object or be entranced by another man’s

My face is burning as it might do after a summer’s day. Not that it was particularly hot out today, but the persistent sun has combined with the equally persistent biting wind to strip the moisture as surely as if … Continue reading

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The heavy black trains / A million engines in neutral

There were people having worse experiences than travelling by train last Wednesday as the storm first started to roll in, but it was still pretty much awful: I ended up better off than many fellow passengers, but even then essentially … Continue reading

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Nobody owns a cat

We’re trying to get a cat. It’s harder than you think, especially if (a) you accept that buying kittens from breeders is simply worsening an existing problem of animal welfare, and (b) you baulk at tempting them away from neighbours’ … Continue reading

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Sponsor me to consume this lovely pie

A few years ago, my sister-in-law and her boyfriend decided to take a month or two out to take a trip to another continent and hike around it. I grumbled a bit, but found it hard to entirely begrudge them … Continue reading

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What’s my problem?

My problem is that my ability to write has a distinctly muscular flavour: not in the sense that such as Hemingway might write in a muscular fashion; but that I have to exercise it, or it wastes away. Do it … Continue reading

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Kindling that most marvellous liquor

I’ve been boycotting Amazon for its tax avoidance for ages now. Rather, I ought to say, boycotting it on and off. This year, in order to best deploy my resources on having a decent pre-Christmas with my parents (especially following … Continue reading

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You should donate to the Red Cross in Japan now

The Red Cross is taking donations towards the ongoing effort in Japan following the earthquakes, tsunami and now nuclear reactor explosions in the country. You can give money to the British Red Cross, and the funds will be used by … Continue reading

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From gardens where we feel insecure

Our garden share has fallen through, unfortunately. The circumstances are quite complicated to relate, but a précis would go something like this. Our sharer—the elderly woman with a garden—turned out to be simultaneously unwilling to keep in touch and also … Continue reading

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SOME people have written critical blogposts abotu our notes!!!

The local branch of Sue Ryder is fed up of having post-carboot leavings dropped on its doorstep when it’s closed on a Sunday. Fair enough, I suppose: it turns out they can’t use the donations and have to pay a … Continue reading

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