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Linctus linguae

As I write my latest overblown, highfalutin post, the cat sits curled up next to me. Meaning? her posture seems to say. Here’s what I think of your meaning. And she licks her fur, and neatens her bib, and tidies … Continue reading

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The world’s shortest ramble

I have responded to the sudden outburst of spring weather like any true Englishman – I use both parts of the word advisedly – by spending as much leisure time outside as possible. Only once have I been reduced to … Continue reading

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The heavy black trains / A million engines in neutral

There were people having worse experiences than travelling by train last Wednesday as the storm first started to roll in, but it was still pretty much awful: I ended up better off than many fellow passengers, but even then essentially … Continue reading

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Forget ol’ four-legs

A fair-weather friend, a fair-weather friend, He’ll sometimes let you down! He’s faithful and friendly ev’ry now and then; A wonderful (Where’s he gone?) Fair-weather friend! (To the tune of the unintentionally hilarious A Four-Legged Friend)

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Mews report

The cat is entirely back to her old self, if not with a vengeance. She’s been much more active than previously, and had to be shut out of the bedroom yesterday for playing shakeymouse with, in turn: some hair ties, … Continue reading

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One can become enthusiastic over anything

The cat hasn’t been well. When getting around at anything higher than a cautious paw-by-paw pace, she’s been holding her back left leg up and limping along. She’s been eating her food throughout, which suggests her tough little spirit hasn’t … Continue reading

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Et in arcades ego

Last weekend we went to Cardiff. Trips away are trickier now we’ve got a cat: certainly weekends with K’s family have fallen into a slightly complicated routine. K. heads off on Friday; I stay until Saturday morning; and either I … Continue reading

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